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Offer Description

Cooking Class

Eating at a traditional Moroccan restaurant in Marrakesh lets you experience Moroccan cuisine, but this Moroccan cooking workshop at Riad L’Oriental Medina & Spa teaches you how to make the traditional dishes, so you can have them again and again. 

At the arrival, we will welcome you with a traditional mint tea and we will discuss with you about the menu choice which will be composed of the most typical best Moroccan dishes. the menu will be starter/ main course/desert. First we will go with The Chef to the Old Souk. A walk through the souk to buy the fresh ingredient. Once back home, we will start the preparation.

– A traditional Moroccan cook teaches you how to make dishes from local ingredients 

– Riad L’Oriental Medina & Spa cooking classes offer individual workstations for privacy 

– Each Moroccan cooking workshop includes a tasting afterward 

– Choose from options of how long you’d like your cooking class to be