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Hotel Description

A little taste of Royalty ? You are in the right place.

Located right next to the Royal Palace, the oldest and majestic parts of the Medina, Le Médina Privilège Riad & Spa welcomes you to experience the pure and true essence of the Moroccan traditions.

Le Médina Privilège Riad & Spa smoothly drags you to the sumptuous Oriental atmosphere of a Royal Palace, with its Ancestrial know how design and magnificent smells that offer delights for the nose.

You can feel the calm and the serenity from the moment you access the riad through its long exquisite hallway. The big courtyard gives you a prelude of how luxurious and well designed the riad is. Finally, the simple and high level of service makes you feel the taste and simplicity of the Royal lifestyle.

Le Medina Privilège Riad & Spa
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