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Hotel Description

The great magic of a traditional riad in Morocco is the inner courtyard. The complete house is built around this inner courtyard, offers shade from the sun, or the posibility of sunbathing, staying in the pool, or enjoying tea or a meal in the Moroccan way. The inner courtyard can be seen from all floors. Here is where the families meet, where the children play, and where the guests are welcomed - the center of the house. The Riad offers a beautiful and simply arranged inner courtyard made of marble framed splendidly in the ground floor and in the first upper floor by columns. These columns are decorated wonderfully, the doors and windows of the rooms surrounding the inner courtyard are designed and painted uniquely.

Safran et Cannelle appears exceptionally simple despite this painting because any wall paint was renounced to offer a fitting frame. In the center of the inner courtyard is a pool also made of marble which, on one hand, creates humidity and atmosphere by its four jets, but which also cools the atmosphere. Surrounded by colorful plants and flowes, the illumination of the inner courtyard and the corridors as well as the terrace is chosen uniformly.

Safran et Cannelle riad & spa
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