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Offer Description

➢ Day 1: Arrival in Marrakech

Our trip starts by welcoming you from the airport to take you to the Riad where you will stay for your first night.

➢ Day 2: Departure from Imlil and first climb to Aremd – 45minutes:

For this second day, we will leave early to join by car the village of Imlil, where the guide and mule-driver are waiting for us. We will afterwards join the starting point of Trek by a small walk of less than an hour, Aremd, which is 1900m high. Once arrived in Aremd, a small lodge will welcome us for the night. 250m of ascent.

➢ Day 3 : From Aremd to the Neltner refuge – 5 hours:

A first climb is waiting for us for this third day, starting from Aremd to join the valley of Sidi Chamharouche at an altitude of 2250m to break for lunch. We will afterwards go again from the marrabout to go up to the Nelter refuge on the foot of Toubkal at 3207m high, where you will spend the night. 1200m of ascent.

➢ Day 4: Climbing to the djebel Toubkal - 10hours:

A forth day with emotions, as the climb to djebel Toubkal will be for this day. From the Neltner refuge, we should count a little less than 3hours to get to the peak Toubkal, passing through an abrupt path. What’s more than lunching on the peak of Toubkal to better appreciate the view from the peak. We will go down in the beginning of the afternoon to the refuge, to pass back a last time by the valley of Sidi Chamharouche (2 250 m) and join the Aremd lodging in the beginning of the evening for our last night in Toubkal. 1000m of ascent and 2200m of descent.

➢ Day 5: Coming back to Imlil and Marrakech – 45 minutes:

For this last day, we will go down from Aremd lodging to the village of Imlil at 1740m, where the car which will bring us to Marrakech in the beginning of the afternoon is waiting for us. You can afterwards profit from the half day to play the tourist in Marrakech or why not going to the markets. Your trip in Marrakech will end with your transfer to the airport.

➢ Day 5: Departure transfer to the airport and assistance

Discover Toubkal in 6 days
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